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Design doesn't have any value on its own. It only becomes an asset when people are using your product. Accumulating design deliverables before development essentially increases tech debt and takes down team morale and performance, and eventually the project itself.

We believe that shipping is what makes all the difference. And shipping great products is extremely hard. You have to iterate fast and be ruthless about what you're building.

It is also essential to keep the product development cycle short enough, so once the design is implemented, you can measure the effect of your design decisions and make further changes to improve metrics.

The design you need is the one that is shipped. That's the one that is actually useful, actionable and measurable.

A large pool of skills translates to seamless scaling.

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We work with the tools you work with, whether it is Github, Asana, Trello, Slack or Dropbox. We understand MVP requirements. We go in sprints as you do. As everything changes fast, we are flexible too.

Sprints also provide a useful means for estimation and quality control. Everyone will spend much less time on the timetables, and the by-the-hour payment model won't have an unwelcomed effect on your schedule and budget.

How we work

It starts pretty usual. We will ask for requirements, or document some together, then provide an estimate. The upcoming work is prioritized and we plan for a sprint. We implement the sprint, which is usually two weeks. Each week two hours are reserved for the reviews.

The other good news is, you can seamlessly go from full-time to a few hours a week, or switch into stand-by. If you need a specific skill set we currently don't have, we'll cater to your needs as fast as we can.

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